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In January of 2019, the City of Sulphur Springs implemented a Street Maintenance Fee to address the nearly $14 million backlog of maintenance to the 92.5 mile city maintained street network.  This fee goes into a separate fund from the General Fund and is only applied to activities related to maintenance of the street system.  The City has been featured by the Federal Highway Administration for its innovative approach by implementing a value capture strategy to address the maintenance backlog.  

The City has spent approximately $1.1 Million per year for the past 20 years towards rebuilding streets and performing street maintenance.  Over time, the amount of street maintenance has dramatically reduced due to cost increases.  In 1998, asphalt prices were $37 a ton compared to $98 a ton today.  Below is a chart of what that means for a typical year in tons of asphalt usage.


Cost per ton (HMAC)

# tons (HMAC)

Total Cost










$61 (165% More)



This $5 monthly fee to city residents has doubled previous funding efforts into the annual street maintenance program over the past 3 years.  Without the street maintenance fee, the City would have only been able to pave 6.45 miles since 2019.  With the $5 fee, the City was able to pave an additional 6.5 miles since 2019.  Although, 12.95 miles is significant progress, it is still significantly short of adequately maintaining the street system.  

With a goal of paving streets every 15 years, the City should be paving a little over 6 miles per year.  This means that the City should pave about 18.5 miles of streets since 2019 compared to the 12.95 that is being done.  If the streets are not adequately maintained, the pavement will deteriorate and require extensive rehab.  Based on the 2020 program, it costed 44% more to rehab a street compared to a standard maintenance overlay.  

Last year, a maintenance overlay averaged $1.20 per square foot compared to $1.73 per square foot for a rehabbed street.  For a 28’ wide street, a maintenance overlay was about $33.60 per linear foot vs $48.44 per linear foot for a rehabbed street.  Over one mile, the City can save $78,355.20 by maintaining the street before the pavement fails.  A typical resident that pays $5 per month or $60 per year pays for about (1.23 to 1.78 linear feet) of paving on a 28 foot wide street each year depending on the condition of the street…

*2020 Pricing

Street Width

Cost Per Square Foot

Cost Per Linear Foot

Total Cost Per Mile

Maintenance Overlay

28 feet




Rehabbed Street

28 feet






($.53) (44% More)

($14.84) (44% More)

($78,355.20) (44% More)

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