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Fire Department

To report a fire, call 9-1-1, or (903) 885-7546 (fires only.)

The City of Sulphur Springs boasts a fine fire prevention department. There are 22 full-time fighters, including the Director of Fire Services Gerry L. Cleaver. A reserve firefighter program also supplements the paid employees. The Fire Department has six trucks, including Rescue, ready 24 hours a day to respond to the needs of Sulphur Springs residents and businesses. Personnel are trained not only in fire fighting, but water rescue as well, and include dive team and swift-water members. The Fire Department is also licensed with the Texas Department of Health as First Responders, and respond with EMS to provide patient care. Included within the department are two paramedics, twelve emergency medical technicians, and one emergency care attendant. Hazardous material response is also provided as a service by the Fire Department. The firefighters and equipment are housed in two fire stations strategically located within the city limits.

Station 1- 627 Church Street - for non-emergency calls or information, please call (903) 885-7547

Station 2- 1100 Gilmer Street - for non-emergency calls or information, please call (903) 885-7548

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