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The City of Sulphur Springs is seeking to prioritize and promote infill development on vacant and underutilized lots within the City.  This approach will utilize existing infrastructure to increase the tax base and enhance established neighborhoods with new improvements. 

  1. Eligibility Requirements (all conditions must be satisfied)

                    i.            Existing lot or subdivision thereof with existing city maintained streets, sewer and water                                                    serving the lot(s).

                   ii.           The lot is located within the geographic boundaries established in Exhibit B and is at least                                                 10 years old.

                  iii.           The applicant shall construct a new home on the lot and complete the project within (3)                                                     years to be eligible for reimbursement.

  1.  City Incentives

                    i.           The city may reimburse permitting fees.

                   ii.           The city may reimburse tap fees to the utility system.

                  iii.           The city may reimburse only city delinquent taxes and liens on the property.

                  iv.           The city may participate with demolition costs associated with clearing a lot to redevelop                                                    the lot with a single family home.

                  v.            The city may participate in other incentives deemed necessary to carry out the intent of                                                     the program.



If you would like of map of properties identified as "vacant", you can email to obtain a google earth kml file.  You will need Google Earth to view the listing of properties.  You may click on a property to view basic information about the property.  It is important to note that there may be properties not on this list that are eligible and there are properties on this list that may not qualify.  This is not a list of city owned properties or foreclosure properties that are for sale either.  Some properties may not be for sale.  This is just a list of properties classified as vacant within the city limits.

If you do become interested in a property on the list, you can verify more up to date owner information by going to the appraisal district site by clicking here.  Once you are there, you can perform a search for a property by using the tabs at the top of the screen and do a search by name, property address, geographic id, or property id.


If you are interested in foreclosure properties, there are typically 3 auctions per year of properties with delinquent taxes.  Notices of sales are typically posted in the News Telegram and are sold at the Hopkins County Courthouse southwest steps located at 118 Church Street.  You should perform your due diligence prior to acquiring property and become familiar with the sale process if you are interested in properties through these sales.

The listing of foreclosures can be found at this site.

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